Friday, 25 October 2013

SVP Jewellery

If you’re going to wear a ring, it might as well make a statement.

Here at nola we’re totally in love with SVP Jewellery’s collection of rings.  Precious and semi-precious stones mounted in gold vermeil, they have an air of glamour about them, with a modern edge.  They look great worn separately or in groups and are adjustable, meaning they can be worn on different fingers.  This also means they make ideal gifts, as you don’t have to worry about getting the size right.

Sussex-based designer Sarah Parham draws inspiration from architecture and a love of the curious and distinctive.   She has created a range of jewellery that focuses on beautiful, unusual stones, precision cut to enhance the colours and textures of materials such as moonstone, smoky quartz, fired opal and purple amethyst.   The names of the stones alone suggest a bygone era – one of treasure chests and bejewelled luxury.

SVP designs are not old-fashioned, however.  Simple, bold settings in gold vermeil are used to emphasise the raised stones themselves, giving the rings a modern edge and creating statement pieces that will look great worn to finish an outfit or just for a bit of every day sparkle.

The rings themselves are handmade in Rajasthan.  The stones are sourced by one of India’s most respected gemstone families and are created by highly skilled traditional craftsmen who receive a good wage for their artisan products.

You can view our entire collection of SVP Jewellery here.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Sweatshirt Love.....

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...........

Ah, the humble sweatshirt has grown in fashion stature over the last couple of years but now their popularity has sky-rocketed. Sweats are fabulous for chucking on on those days when your mind has gone sartorially blank. Teamed with jeans and sneakers, there's no better outfit for running around town. But put on a pair of heels and a big statement necklace instead of the sneaks and you're ready for a night on the town. 

Queen of the sweatshirt, Zoe Karssen, creates eye catching motifs and puts them on superb quality fabrics.  We've got lots in store this season but check out her super slouchy New York Girls Hoodie and the Born Lucky sweat.  

For ultimate comfort, Zoe's cotton Skeleton sweatpants can't be beaten.

Nola fave, A.P.C. have been producing ace sweats for many many years and they are always best sellers.  We've got some great camo ones coming in for Winter but check out the Rue Madame and Peacock sweats currently gracing our rails.

New to nola this season, but fast finding a place in our heart is French label, Leon and Harper. The Sacha sweatshirt is an oversized beauty, screenprinted with hand sewn finishes. 

Be still my beating heart.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

nola's new knits

Much as I don’t want to wish away this wonderful summer, there’s something about opening boxes of beautiful knitwear that makes me yearn for crisp autumn mornings and curling up in front of a roaring fire.

This season our labels have really excelled themselves when it comes to woolens. The autumn/winter collections are chunky and textured, rich with merino wool, cashmere, mohair and alpaca. Luxurious comfort in pieces you will wear season after season.

Here are a few of the highlights:


‘Subtle’ and ‘leopard print’ rarely go together but nola favourites A.P.C. have managed it! A sheer knit in the softest silk and cashmere blend, it feels and looks wonderful.

This Jenny sweater is incredibly soft to touch. The combination of mohair in the material and the pointelle knit make it substantial but light as a feather. We’ve got it in a lovely light beige as well as this diagonally striped black and white.

If there’s one piece that will make you crave autumn’s mellow fruitfulness, it’s this. Heavy duty and 100% merino wool, this cape just exudes Parisian chic.

Chinti & Parker

If it’s 100% cashmere you want, Chinti & Parker are the designers for you! This season, their offerings include these three beauties. The Stars sweater also comes in oatmeal and blue.

Leon & Harper

This Mae sweater is enough to make a Danish detective jealous! This heavy knit is handmade, meaning no two are exactly the same.


These Marcel, Misha and Maxence knits are all in wonderful alpaca-rich blends. Soft and substantial, you won’t want to take them off come spring!

Rabens Saloner

The Rabens Saloner collection for Autumn/Winter features several knits in luxurious blends including merino wool, alpaca and, in this case, every punk’s favourite material – mohair. A looser knit, their sweaters are hang beautifully and are a joy to wear.

This is just a sample of the knits available at nola this season. There are more from all the labels above, plus alpaca blends from Pomandère and wonderful jumpers from YMC in chilli, tobacco and rainbow stripes. Check out all this season's knitwear by clicking here.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A.P.C In The House

Imagine, if you will, you're enjoying a blustery walk on Hampstead Heath. The dog is bounding around being all "look at me, I'm so cute" and you get a telephone call.  You reach for your iPhone and lo and behold, it's not the dog everyone is looking at, it's you and your sensational faux snakeskin A.P.C iphone cover.  THIS CAN HAPPEN! 
At nola we have the covers for iphone 4 and iphone 5 and you just need to shop our fabulous new edit of AW13 A.P.C.

Time and time again, A.P.C deliver some of the best designed knits and jersey around. Wearing it is like being a part of a secret club. All of us who love it's understated chic recognise it immediately when other people wear it and we kind of do that nod of approval to each other.

Buying A.P.C is addictive. Once you've worn just one of their tee shirts you want more.  For me it's their accessories that I go slightly doolally over. This season I've fallen head over heels for the amazing Tango Shoes, a collaboration with Argentinian shoemakers Tango Leike. 
These black suede and patent leather shoes are just so sexy. Great for a night out but even better with a pair of great jeans (I'm going to team mine with our Koral 4 month wash skinnies).

The knitwear this season is just so perfect. Lots of scrumptious cream wool and a jawdroppingly beautiful navy wool cape.

There's more to come, but have a look at our current online selection - we think we've got the best selection in the UK.  And don't forget, we offer free UK P&P.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


No, I'm not opening a branch of Chicken Cottage.  I've been buying into premium denim BIG TIME for AW13. The big three coming to nola in Fall (I'm calling it Fall because they are all American brands and that's how they talk) are.........Koral, Frame and Current/Elliott.

You cannot believe how excited I am to get these beautiful American denim labels in store.

KORAL was set up by two designers from the Seven family so they have a ridiculous amount of denim experience behind them. Their focus is on fit and a flawless finish.  The washes of the denim are graded as "Lived In" so a 4 Month Wash will look like you've worn them for 4 months.  Easy.  For Pre SS14 I've bought some great soft coloured denim with ankle zips.  

Koral Zip Skinny in lovely sludgy 70s colourways

FRAME are another Los Angeles label specialising in the best denims and fits.  The washes are named after roads in London or LA. Expertly engineered and crafted to give an almost bespoke fit.  All Frame jeans have a 29" inseam.  This makes me giddier than you could ever imagine.

Frame Le Skinny de Jeans
CURRENT/ELLIOTT were set up in 2008 by Emily Current and Merritt Elliott and has raised the bar for the denim standard. Born out of love for vintage denim and it's American roots, the collections respect the history of denim and every style offered has a historical reference, an original vintage sample and year of origin.

Fabulous washes at Current/Elliott
Of course we still have our brilliant Nudies and IDA by Donna Ida and the fabulous Denham brands, we just felt that there was a gap in the denim market in Brighton for more premium denim.  We think we've got the best denim selection for women in Brighton now.  we'll let you know when it's in store.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Perfectly Printed Pants

I'm loving the printed denim that's around this season. It's great for women like me who can't really carry off a busy print in a top.  My current favourites at nola are the A.P.C leopard print and the IDA Ivy in Dreamtime Noir.  Both look great with a simple plain sweatshirt and statement jewellery.

A.P.C Leopard Print Jeans £155 at nola

IDA Ivy jeans in Dreamtime Noir 

Click here to see all jeans available at nola

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Footwear Fix

I'm not mentioning the weather.  I'm just not.  OK?

I'm focusing on my Footwear Future, where the sun is all shiny and the sea is glistening and I'm on Brighton beach for an after work drink on Friday. THESE THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

When the sun does eventually get it's hat on.  I'll be wearing a selection of these beauties:

APC Braided Wedge

Saltwater Sandal

YMC Sandal
All sandals available at nola. Click here.

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Sizzler

Ack, snow, sleet, grit, sludge. Welcome to Spring folks. I'm convinced this weather is just that diva Winter having a final hissy fit before she lets Spring take the floor. So until Madame Spring actually gets her butt in gear, we're still wearing the woollies. 

Spring knitwear is playful and funtimes.  Hitting the shop floor this weekend is this cheeky mohair oversized sweater with skull motif Zoe Karssen .  Wear with the new Zoe Karssen  'The End' jeans for a cool weekend look.

Skull Sweater in Pink or Black  £175
The End Jeans £165

Buy Zoe Karssen at nola here. Huge UK selection.

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Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Fashion Fix

Well hello Friday, where've you been all week?

Yes, I know the weather is still rubbish but I've got Spring in my heart.  I'm feel positive vibes pulsating from nola HQ.  And all because of this little beauty........

American Vintage Oversized Silk Knitted Jumper in Strawberry

As modelled by the lovely Sam (wearing Nudie Tight Long John in Bleach/Black)
Happy Friday to you all.  Have a lovely weekend! xx

American Vintage Jumper at nola - FREE P&P!

Happy International Women's Day - X Ray Specs - Oh Bondage

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Why Spend On Footwear?

Whenever I go shoe/boots shopping, I hear the woman from that old Nescafe ad saying to me "Cheap Shoes????" (with Denise Van Outen, her heels broke off her shoes, you remember it now). Her voice makes me do one of two things, either walk away from the cute hard plastic, uncomfortable cheap ones I've just fallen in love with but know I'll never wear, or rush to the till with the blow the budget, have in my wardrobe forever, wear to death pair.

Now, there's always exceptions to the rule but in general with footwear you gets what you pays for. I've learnt, after many rash purchases, that  I'd rather spend decent money on a pair that will last me years than spend the same amount on a couple of cheaper pairs. The cost per wear just makes it a no-brainer.  And most high street brands aren't so cheap any more. Probably £60 - £80 for shoes, £150 plus for boots? 

My shoe collection is VAST. Seriously. In that collection are many, many cheap pairs of shoes I've only worn once because they've torn my feet to shreds but I still hope that one day I'll break them in. I won't, and I'm determined to ditch them soon. There's also a lot of gorgeous pricey pairs of going out shoes that I wear a couple of times a year, and I know they will last me forever.

Then there's the old faithfuls.  The pairs of boots and shoes I wear at least five times a month, and they've lasted me years.  Like these APC cowboy boots. They cost £340, three years ago.  They are so beaten up, (they make me feel like Keith Richards) and I've had them resoled twice (£48),  but I reckon I've worn them at least 250 times because they are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. 

So that's £1.55 a wear (and getting cheaper every day).  It's a big outlay in one go, but for a pair of classic boots that never date, I reckon it's always worth it.

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I go to Paris and buy lovely A.P.C accessories for Christmas (2013!!)


Gosh it's been a long time since I've done a blog.  No excuses, I just seem to find it hard to run the shop, web, Twitter, Facebook, and then find pithy fashion things to say in a blog.  But, as much as I love Twitter, sometimes 140 characters just isn't enough so I've decided to resurrect the blog and use it to keep you up to date with my antics, bring you interviews with designers from our labels and put up some pics of you lovely lot in your nola clobber. 

Well, I'm on the quieter end of the buying season for AW13 - all done now.  Wowzer, there's some good collections out there for next season.  I think my favourite, and a new label for nola this season, is Rabens Saloner.  Real edgy rock and roll vibes going on there for AW.  It's such a good collection, I'll do a separate blog for it later.  And I've picked up another label, Denham.  Great denim from Amsterdam, (wait 'til you see the Ella jeans) and some really beautiful outerwear.  And lots of other lovely stuff which I'll tell you about in more detail over the next few blog posts.

My last buying trip was to sunny Springy Paris on Monday for Winter 13 APC.  A small collection but perfectly formed.  I've bought some cracking camo sweatshirts and bought heavily into their "fake snake" accessories. And by gum, Jean Touitou is a bit tasty!  Bit achy after my 15 hour round trip but A.P.C is always worth it.

I also picked up some of their lovely room fragrances - had a panic at Eurostar when I thought they wouldn't let it through customs but all was good.  I've got the Toumbac (tobacco/vanilla), Cologne and Fig.  Limited quantities because I couldn't carry too much. It's £25 a pop.  I think I'm the only stockist in the UK. 

 A.P.C Room Fragrances
                                                   iPhone covers.  For iPhone 4 and 5!

A.P.C Coin purse to keep your pennies in.

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