Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A.P.C In The House

Imagine, if you will, you're enjoying a blustery walk on Hampstead Heath. The dog is bounding around being all "look at me, I'm so cute" and you get a telephone call.  You reach for your iPhone and lo and behold, it's not the dog everyone is looking at, it's you and your sensational faux snakeskin A.P.C iphone cover.  THIS CAN HAPPEN! 
At nola we have the covers for iphone 4 and iphone 5 and you just need to shop our fabulous new edit of AW13 A.P.C.

Time and time again, A.P.C deliver some of the best designed knits and jersey around. Wearing it is like being a part of a secret club. All of us who love it's understated chic recognise it immediately when other people wear it and we kind of do that nod of approval to each other.

Buying A.P.C is addictive. Once you've worn just one of their tee shirts you want more.  For me it's their accessories that I go slightly doolally over. This season I've fallen head over heels for the amazing Tango Shoes, a collaboration with Argentinian shoemakers Tango Leike. 
These black suede and patent leather shoes are just so sexy. Great for a night out but even better with a pair of great jeans (I'm going to team mine with our Koral 4 month wash skinnies).

The knitwear this season is just so perfect. Lots of scrumptious cream wool and a jawdroppingly beautiful navy wool cape.

There's more to come, but have a look at our current online selection - we think we've got the best selection in the UK.  And don't forget, we offer free UK P&P.

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