Friday, 25 October 2013

SVP Jewellery

If you’re going to wear a ring, it might as well make a statement.

Here at nola we’re totally in love with SVP Jewellery’s collection of rings.  Precious and semi-precious stones mounted in gold vermeil, they have an air of glamour about them, with a modern edge.  They look great worn separately or in groups and are adjustable, meaning they can be worn on different fingers.  This also means they make ideal gifts, as you don’t have to worry about getting the size right.

Sussex-based designer Sarah Parham draws inspiration from architecture and a love of the curious and distinctive.   She has created a range of jewellery that focuses on beautiful, unusual stones, precision cut to enhance the colours and textures of materials such as moonstone, smoky quartz, fired opal and purple amethyst.   The names of the stones alone suggest a bygone era – one of treasure chests and bejewelled luxury.

SVP designs are not old-fashioned, however.  Simple, bold settings in gold vermeil are used to emphasise the raised stones themselves, giving the rings a modern edge and creating statement pieces that will look great worn to finish an outfit or just for a bit of every day sparkle.

The rings themselves are handmade in Rajasthan.  The stones are sourced by one of India’s most respected gemstone families and are created by highly skilled traditional craftsmen who receive a good wage for their artisan products.

You can view our entire collection of SVP Jewellery here.

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