Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Shoes that are as easy as APC........

Did George Harrison once write "Happiness is a New Shoe"* or am I thinking of something else? Anyhoo, I am happy because nola's got new shoes. We've had a delivery of classic ankle boots from APC. These boots adorn the feets of all the stylish Parisian women. We've also got a cute pair of royal blue suede slip on sandals from Madras. Then we have the cracking new YMC range. Great sneakers, boots and brogues. All with a fabulous 50s vibe going on.
YMC Tan Suede Boots - £180
YMC Tan Suede Sneakers - £75
YMC Brown Brogues - £180
Madras Blue Suede Slip Ons - £135
APC Black Suede Boots - £330
*Yes, I know it was a Warm Gun that made Beatle George happy.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

You Must Create arrives at nola

I was busy putting in my Aw11 orders when Mr Delivery Man turned up with 7 boxes of the amazing YMC Spring/Summer collection. I forced myself to finish the orders before I opened the delivery. Armed with a cuppa, I went in. It was like all my Christmases had come at once!
Pretty pretty dresses and striped tees and jumpers and some brilliant cullottes. The collection is very vintage inspired and will be fantastic in Brighton where a lot of the women have that 50s rockabilly/tattoey style going on. Still got lots of it to come in yet - chino skirts and trousers and great brogues and sandals. The collection is now available instore and will be on the nola eshop next week! We just need the sun now............
Striped tee - £55
Red dress - £160
Cullottes - £145
Blue dress - £155
Chambray shirt - £140