Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Shoes that are as easy as APC........

Did George Harrison once write "Happiness is a New Shoe"* or am I thinking of something else? Anyhoo, I am happy because nola's got new shoes. We've had a delivery of classic ankle boots from APC. These boots adorn the feets of all the stylish Parisian women. We've also got a cute pair of royal blue suede slip on sandals from Madras. Then we have the cracking new YMC range. Great sneakers, boots and brogues. All with a fabulous 50s vibe going on.
YMC Tan Suede Boots - £180
YMC Tan Suede Sneakers - £75
YMC Brown Brogues - £180
Madras Blue Suede Slip Ons - £135
APC Black Suede Boots - £330
*Yes, I know it was a Warm Gun that made Beatle George happy.

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