Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Socks and Swedish Hasbeens in Winter?

Having a shoe crisis. How this can possibly happen when I have a wardrobe full of fabulous shoes and boots is beyond me, but I am in full blown shoe panic. I'm not prepared to spend money on shoes that I'm only going to like for a week, so until I find the perfect pair of day shoes (and believe me I'm searching) then I'm making my Summer shoes earn their keep.

Normally I'd run around in a pair of Bloch ballet flats as they are so comfy or my sturdy brogues but today I fancied a bit of a heel. I've got some amazing heels but none of them inspired me today, as I really wanted to wear socks. After trying everything I own on, I settled for my silver Swedish Hasbeen peep toe clogs from this Summer as they clashed really well with my Pringle socks and cargo pants. I quite like it, and surprisingly not too cold on the tootsies as wood is an insulator. What do you think?

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