Tuesday, 22 September 2009

LFW Exhibition

Dear LFW, please please please settle into one location and stop moving around. We had just got used to going to the Natural History Museum and then you drag us kicking and screaming to not one but TWO seperate venues in The Strand. What the eff are you playing at? The rabbit warren that is Somerset House is just not suitable to view collections if you are actually buying. We couldn't remember where anything was so in the end we gave up and will be contacting the designers direct. When push comes to shove, it's a trade fair and it needs to be accessible and easy to get round in a hurry. LFW consider yourself told. Rant ends.

Anyhoo, we picked up some stunning jewellery from Jacey Withers, hefty silver necklaces and bracelets with leopards and monkeys and foxes on them. Can't wait to get them in. Also picked up Disney Couture jewellery - cute as cute can be. Will be getting it in sometime in Nov so will blog more about it then.


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