Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I get a cold and go to Paris to buy SS12 APC & Vanessa Bruno.

As I've been going on about it for ages, most of you will know I went to Blackberry Woods for a bit of R&R last weekend. Of course, being down with nature, I picked up a cracking summer cold - snot, phlegm, runny eyes, the lot. Then I had to go to Paris on Friday to buy SS12 APC and Vanessa Bruno Athe. How glam did I feel getting on the 6.07 Brighton train that morning?

I've been stocking APC for four seasons now, so pretty much knew what to expect - pared down French chic - a great look for all ages, ideal as workwear, daywear, just-hanging-out-with-your-mates-and-looking-cool-wear. The collection was, as usual, gorgeous. Although really lacking in logo tees which sell so well for me. Hope they do some for Summer. Anyhoo, it was lovely and calm in the showroom - I dawdled through, taking my time to really feel the fabrics and put looks together. I've gone for some strong leopard print jersey dresses, some soft soft sweatshirts and pullovers, a couple of cracking skirts - one in a lovely green Liberty print and another one in black cotton with a strip of leather on the hem. And they've done the classic APC trench which we all know and love. No Madras for SS12. It's just going into Urban Outfitters. I'm a bit sad about this because I loved the Madras but it means I can spend more on the mainline APC.

After APC I actually had an hour or so spare before Vanessa Bruno so I managed to get a bit of lunch. I went to the Cafe de Paris in St Germain. I had some very tasty lamb chops and a green salad with a really good glass of red wine. Fortified, I popped myself on the Metro and whizzed down to Strasbourg St Denis. Stupidly walked the wrong way when I got out of the station and ended up in an Asian prostitute district. V weird. V bad shoes. Scurried back and got to Vanessa Bruno in time.

So, it's cool and calm in the showroom. There's the VB mainline on one side of the room and Athe on the other. I had a good look through the collection. It was sooooooo pretty and wearable. Some pieces were a bit young for me (and v v short) but I've pulled together some really beautiful outfits. Great for all shapes and ages. Ideal for weddings and parties and fab for feeling good for a Sunday lunch. Lots of silk, fresh cotton, white, yellow, grey, fucshia. And the sandals were divine. Oh, and some STUNNING red jeans that will go with everything else I buy for SS12.

Then it was a mad, sweaty and snotty, but thankfully short ride on the Metro to the Eurostar where my cold really came into it's own. Dear fellow passengers, I apologise for my stupidly loud sneezes. I think the lovely lady in charge of the booze gave me an extra (small) bottle of wine in the vain hope that I'd fall asleep.

So here I am today, cold almost gone and finalising my orders. Got to stick to my budget, got to stick to my budget..................

I've popped some pics above - hope you like the collections as much as I do.


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