Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Why M Missoni is SO worth the money!!

Sometimes Rhonda and I have a little panic. It's usually just at the start of the new season. Nola is full of boxes, and after the near bacchic frenzy of unpacking and the obligatory trying on of every item (well it would be rude not to!) we come to pricing up the new stock.

M Missoni is our most expensive label. Occasionally i give a little gulp when i price up a dress and it's £350 or £400 pounds. If we were in Notting Hill or Hamstead this wouldn't worry me in the slightest. But we're in Brighton. Brighton women are very stylish, but many have young families and may not be working or are now working on a part time basis. Our customers love fashion but may now have other priorities in their lives. This is one of the reason's why we stock diffusion lines because you get the look and the quality but without the extortionate price tags.

Anyway, back to M Missoni. It may cost more but i can honestly say it is completely worth every penny. The dresses this season are sensational. They are beautifully made, mostly in Italy. They are cut so beautifully that they flatter an 8 to a 16. And in this world of disposable fashion they make a refreshing change, because they will last you forever...just like a diamond!

So, you could buy a few dresses for £400 but they won't have the WOW factor that your M Missoni dress always has and in five years those dresses will be in Oxfam or on long gone on ebay but your Missoni will still be coming out regularly and looking as fabulous as ever.

M Missoni...cos you're worth it! xxxxxx

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Johnny Menace said...

a dress can cover up a Brighton girl's teeth